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Social Security Disability Benefit Amounts

If you aren't as familiar with Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicare or Medicaid as you want to be, we recommend you check out the Social Security benefits listed in the Redbook link below.

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New disability benefit amounts for 2015:

  • 2015 SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance)
    • TWL (Trial Work Level): $780/month
    • SGA (Substantial Gainful Activity): $1090/month
  • 2015 SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefit payment 
    • Individual amount: $733/month
    • Couple amount: $1100/month
    • Student Earned Income Exclusion amount: $1780/month or;
    • Student Earned Income Exclusion amount: $7180/yearly


Don't forget that the Social Security PASS plan is a work incentive that can give you hundreds of dollars per month, in addition to what you already receive from your Social Security disability benefits, to help you pay for your education expenses.

NOW That IS A WORK Incentive!

Social Security Benefits and Work Incentive Sites

Do you want to know what Social Security rules and regulations are? This site gives you detailed information that you can use when you disagree with your claims representative. Of course, it might be easier to just contact us; we have years of experience that we can use to help you.
A summary of Social Security disability Work Incentives for individuals with disabilities. It lists all SSI benefits and SSDI work incentives. A MUST HAVE.
Gives address, phone number, and map to any Social Security office.
The official site for the Social Security Administration. Look up anything you want to know about Social Security disability benefits - even the most popular baby names!
This page takes you to all the publications available online regarding overpayments. In the Search box -top right- type in "overpayment" or whatever you may be searching for. We recommend that if you are going to send forms to Social Security, that you have someone look over your answers before submission.
Apply for benefits, get direct deposit, change address.

Medicare and Medicaid Links

If you were eligible for Medicaid before you started working, learn how you can still be eligible under this Medicaid rule.
Do you need help with Medicare questions?
Find out what Medicaid wavier programs are available in your state. If you are interested in becoming a care provider, contact your state office and ask about enrolling as a provider. You do not have to be a nurse, there are a lot of unskilled services you can provide (meal preparation, household chores, lawn care, etc.) This may vary by state. Use a PASS to pay for your unmet business needs.
You can earn up to this amount and not have to worry about losing your Medicaid because of income. You do have to meet the other eligibility requirements.

Important Information About Medicaid!

Important Information About Medicaid!

Sometimes Medicaid, which is an SSI benefit, gets mixed up with Medicare.

The federal government and Social Security administers Medicare and you will have a red, white, and blue card. You always have the same one and the rules are the same in every state.

Medicaid is a SSI benefit. (or for the first two year waiting period for Medicare for SSDI recipients)

Medicaid and SSI are operated by the state and the rules are different in each state. The maximum SSI benefit from the federal government is $733/month for most states, but some states do supplement this SSI benefit amount. Medicaid is for those with disabilities who have little income and resources. You can have both SSI and SSDI, in that case, Medicaid would pay your Medicare premium for you.

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