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Ticket To Work

Your Ticket to Work gives you an opportunity to use all the work incentives and benefits that Social Security has available for recipients that want to work or go to school.

Does your EN (Employment Network) know the intricacies of how work affects your benefits? We can help make sure you know!

We’ll help you understand how you can keep your Medicare/Medicaid while working!

In this section we will discuss the Ticket to Work Program and jobs for the disABLEd.

I received help through my State VR, but if they are not going to help you to reach your goal, then why turn your Ticket into them? You have a choice!

Maybe we’re the Ticket to Work choice for you!

If you are interested in school make sure you check out our other pages to use your Ticket to Work and PASS plan together!

Turn Your Ticket To Work In To Us and We Will Offer You

Things Like:

  1. While your Ticket to Work is assigned, active, and you are meeting Timely Progress, you will not be subject to medical review.
  2. We can give work support payments of $500 once every quarter for the first 12 months that you earn over $850/month. (There are eligibility requirements.)
  3. In addition, we will help you by tracking your TWP, EPE, Extended Medicare months, Medicaid 1619b, IRWEs, subsidies and more, as long as wages are reported.
  4. If you assign your Ticket to Work to us, we will provide you with helpful instructions on how to get your PASS Plan approved. We will also help you contact your Regional PASS Cadre where your PASS will be reviewed for approval. (Example costs covered: training expenses, transportation assistance, assistive devices, etc.)
  5. We can help you to show your potential employers how they can receive a $2400 – $9000 tax benefit by hiring you!
  6. Referrals to other agencies or websites if needed.
  7. We will help you use your Ticket to Work to benefit you in any way we can!

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Ticket To Work Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ticket to Work program?

The Ticket to Work Program provides most people receiving Social Security benefits (beneficiaries) more choices for receiving employment services. Under this program, most beneficiaries become eligible for the Ticket to Work Program when they start to receive SSDI or SSI benefits based on disability. Beneficiaries may choose to assign their ticket to an Employment Network (EN) of their choice to obtain employment services, vocational rehabilitation services, or other support services necessary to achieve a vocational (work) goal. The EN, if they accept the ticket, will coordinate and provide appropriate services to help the beneficiary find and maintain employment.


What is the goal of the Ticket to Work Program?

The ultimate goal of the Ticket to Work program is to assist people receiving Social Security disability benefits in reducing their reliance on disability benefits. The Ticket program also seeks to promote increased self-sufficiency and greater independence for people receiving Social Security disability benefits through work.

Who can use this program?

Anyone between the ages of 18-64, who receives either an SSDI or SSI disability check can use the Ticket to Work program.

Do I need to have an actual ticket to participate in the program?

No, the EN (Employment Network) you choose can verify your eligibility to participate in the program with MAXIMUS.

Will I lose my Medicare eligibility if I participate in the program?

No, as long as you continue to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefit payments, you will continue to remain eligible for the same medical coverage. There are also work incentives that allow you to continue your medical coverage once you begin earning enough that you stop receiving SSDI payments. If you currently receive medical coverage through Medicare, you can continue to be eligible for coverage for at least 93 months after the last month of your Trial Work Period.

What happens if my benefits stop due to my earnings and then I can no longer work due to my disability?

If your benefits ended because you worked and had earnings, you can request that your benefits start again without having to complete a new application. While the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines whether you can get benefits again, Social Security can give you provisional (temporary) benefits for up to 6 months. This is because of a work incentive called Expedited Reinstatement. You can ask for your benefits to start again using Expedited Reinstatement for up to five years after you stop receiving benefits.

Is there ever any cost for your help?

No, there is never any charge for our services.

What is Timely Progress?

Every 12 months after you assign your Ticket to Work to an EN, SSA must decide if you are making the expected progress toward your vocational goal. SSA looks at progress such as completing certain educational goals or getting and keeping a job. SSA refers to this as a “Timely Progress Review.”

Click Here for a complete breakdown.

Can I use the Ticket to Work Program if I am self-employed?

Yes, however we cannot count self-employment income (SEI) until we receive IRS data showing earnings for the closed tax year or until the beneficiary has reported earnings evidence and it has been verified by SSA. Then to receive a support payment you must have earned over SGA for the year.

What is EXR - Expedited Reinstatement?

If your benefits ended because you worked and had earnings, you can request that your benefits start again without having to complete a new application. While the Social Security Administration determines whether you can get benefits again, they can give you provisional (temporary) benefits for up to 6 months.

Am I eligible for EXR?

If you are an SSDI or SSI beneficiary who:

  • Stopped receiving benefits because of earnings from work,
  • Are unable to work or perform substantial gainful activity,
  • Are disabled because of an impairment(s) that is the same as or related to the impairment(s) that allowed you to get benefits earlier, and
  • Make the request within 5 years from the month your benefits ended.

Why should I choose DisABLEd Workers over another EN?

We try very hard to make sure you are always receiving accurate information so that you can make an informed decision about your benefits and TTW choices.

DisABLED Workers is also one of the few ENs that can offer you a work support payment to pay for work related expenses, and we are the only one that offers the Ticket To Work program in conjunction with the PASS plan.

DisABLEd Workers’ goal is to assist the disabled community to help them reach their goals with accurate, detailed benefit information. As you might have read on our “About Us” page, our company was started by a disabled individual. He has always made it a top priority that we help those that are disabled in any way we can and to never sign a client until they are completely informed about the positives and/or negatives related to them.

We hope that with our programs we can help you reach your goals!

How do you use the Social Security funds your EN receives?

The EN receives no funds until the beneficiary finds work and is earning over the TWP amount.

Most ENs keep all the funds to pay for the services they have provided. We give you a good portion of what we receive back, as we feel you are doing your share of the work. Since we believe education will help you land a better job, we provide you with assistance through the PASS Plan even though we receive no compensation.

I am not comfortable with giving you my Social Security information

We completely understand your concern.

Please call Maximus at 1-866-968-7842. You will reach the Social Security program manager for the Ticket to Work program. You will find we are an approved Employment Network (EN) called “DisABLEd WORKERS”. Our DUNS Number – 139944404 will verify that we have a contract with Social Security. We are only listed in Maximus’ Directory of ENs for some states; because we choose not to be listed in all States as it would overwhelm our ability to provide you with the best service. We will be listed lower down, as the ENs in your state are listed at the top, then those serving multiple states.

How do I assign my ticket to DisABLEd Workers?

Click here to Apply – this will take you to our application page to get started!


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