Disability Resources

Disability Resources

Disability Resources

Below we list many disability resources that we believe might be of value to you.

Get help with your computer needs, learn about work at home resources available to disabled persons, and find resources that will help you find a job.

For information about Medicare and Medicaid go to Social Security Links

Check out our blog page for more disability information!

Help With Your Computer Needs

Free Computer Basics

Learn about emailing, word documents, spreadsheets, and more. Self-paced courses; complete as you have time.

Resume Writing Information

Tools to write and improve your resume.

Resume Builder

Help with building your resume from scratch or re-vamp your current resume.

Spreadsheet and Office Programs

A free program that you can use instead of buying expensive Microsoft programs.

Career Guide

Helpfull information and tips when starting your Career including:

  • Job-Search 101 – All You Need to Know
  • Know Your Rights – All You Need to Know About ADA
  • 73+ Careers for People With Disabilities
  • Top 9 Job Sites for People With Disabilities
  • FAQ – Everything You Need to Know
  • Other Resources

Work At Home Links


AAPD is a lobbying group for those of us with disabilities.

Accessible Employment

Connecting employers with disABLEd candidates.

Alorica At Home (formerly West at Home)

One of the leading companies for finding a job that you can do from home.


Job site for those that are disabled.

Rat Race Rebellion

This site is constantly updating website with all types of work at home Positions.

Resources That Might Help You Find Work


Job Search Tutorial

This video will help you navigate Job searches that we have started for you

Army Civilian Jobs

The US Army hires a great deal of civilians, and many of their jobs are accessible.

Employer Tax Credits

It is your choice if you tell the employer that you are disabled. Some employers may see a gap in your work history and become hesitant to hire you. Explain to them that you already have medical coverage. If they hire you they will be eligible for a tax credit of between $2400 and $9600. Since you are working with us as your Employment Network (listed under Vocational Rehabilitation referral), your employer would qualify for this tax credit. Make sure they file for this tax credit within the first 28 days of your hire or they will lose the credit. If the employer has any questions have them contact us.

Federal Employment For Those With Disabilities

Find both competitive and non-competitive government jobs. We can provide you with a Schedule A letter that is needed for some non-competitive jobs. Sometimes you will need to try this website more than once for it to work. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the selective service coordinators.

Job Listings Through US Labor department

Look through thousands of job lists for your state. These are jobs for anyone, not just the disABLEd.

Soft Skills for Workplace Success

“Skills to Pay the Bills: Mastering Soft Skills for Workplace Success,” is a curriculum developed by ODEP focused on teaching “soft” or workforce readiness skills to youth, including youth with disabilities.


You may not think there is a government job for you, but this is an excellent site that you should check out. We will provide you with the Schedule A letter once you let us know the job/jobs you are interested in, we need to verify that the position accepts the use of a Schedule A appointment. The Schedule A letter should be included with your application as it gives you an upper hand over those with no disability. If you need any reasonable accommodations, let us know and we will include that in the Schedule A. Good luck searching and apply for as many as you think you qualify for!

Disability Resources for Self-Employment

Read This First

We suggest that you do an Internet search for possible funding that you may be able to use along with a PASS Plan. Please visit our PASS Plan tab for more information about the Plan to Achieve Self Support.

There are numerous grants and loans available in each state, possibly even in your county or city. To find them do a Google or Yahoo search. In your search type in “Micro Enterprise, ___” The ___ = your State (IA,CA, etc), County or City.

Also check out your State Vocational Rehabilitation programs and see if they have any grants that are available; use their funds along with a PASS plan.

ALL of these sources are going to require you to write a business plan, if self-employment is your goal.

Small Business Start Up Funds

A PASS Plan can assist you in starting a small business, go to school, or work. You do not have to pay it back as long as you follow your Plan. Before you get too excited, you will have to write up a business plan, which you will need to take to score, SBDC, or a college to have them review your plan and agree with it’s feasibility.

With a Social Security PASS Plan, you can get assistance to help you start a small business of your own. The PASS Plan can be used to:

1) Pay for assistance that you may need in getting your business up and running.

2) Buy inventory

3) Purchase equipment

4) Used as a down-payment for a loan

5) Used in conjunction with other aid you might be eligible for (WIA, VR, VA)

6) Pay for transportation, insurance, etc.

A PASS Plan is like a grant for the disabled. As long as you: (1) put in a quality effort, (2) do what you agree to do in the PASS Plan, (3) spend the money where you said you would, you will not have to pay it back.

Who can take advantage of a PASS Plan?

Anyone who receives SSI, SSDI, or disabled veterans benefits is eligible.

You will have to write a small business plan . We will provide you with a example of a business plan once you are a client. Your plan does have to be something that will eventually be able to show a profit. It has to be something that is within the funding limits of what you are eligible for.

A business plan takes time and planning to make it successful. We want you to have done the preliminary work, we’ll show you how the PASS funds give you two to three years to make it successful!

How much assistance am I eligible for?

Your PASS Plan will not help you if you need hundreds of thousands of dollars in assistance.

If married, you might not be eligible. It depends on what kind of income you have now. Do you receive SSDI? If you don’t receive SSDI, do you have wage income? The kind and amount of resources you have will also affect whether a PASS Plan is right for you. Your home, household items, and one car are excluded.

I want to know more…

If you need more information before you apply, please go to our “Contact Us” page.

Self-Employment is not for everyone. Let Social Security give you the assistance you need and give it a try!

It doesn’t cost you anything to check it out.

Apply Now!

Small Business and Self Employment Resource

The Small Business Administration is an invaluable tool to anyone seeking to start a business or become self-employed.

IRS Publication 535 Business Expenses

This Publication has the most current IRS Business Expense information.

IRS Small Business Index

The IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center – your one-stop for information, resources, and forms needed for your small business or self-employment venture.

Writing Your Business Plan

Need a business plan template to help you start writing your small business plan? I did!

A PASS plan can be used to assist with your small business startup. You will need to write a small business plan to be included with the PASS Plan. In the red link we have provided you with some questions you will need to be able to answer. Writing a business plan takes time to develop and make sure you have gathered all the information needed. We suggest you use your local “Small Business Development Center” as they have many resources available to assist you including the “Small Business Planner”. Another source is your local “SCORE”; these are retired business owners that help others get started.

Most business plan templates that you find on the web do not deal with Social Security disability and therefore do not incorporate what a PASS Plan can provide you with. We can help you use the PASS Plan to make your small business even more successful!

Disability Resources for School

Read This First

Make sure you use these disability resources before you use the PASS Plan.

Then supplement the resources they have with the PASS Plan funds.

Click Here to go to the PASS Plan Page for more information.

Federal Student Aid

Use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form to apply for financial aid for college or grad school.


These are organizations that receive grants to help people understand all the work support payments that are available, especially the Social Security PASS plan. Give them a call if you need help with yours.


The federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Teaching Grants

If you are willing to teach in a low income neighborhood – you could receive a grant up to $4000/yr

List of Sites For Free Education Courses

List of free general online learning sites, continuing education courses, education and organizational tools, videos, and webinars. A great site with a TON of information!

Disability Resources Home Ownership and Rental

IDA accounts

IDAs are matching funds that can help you purchase a home. This website gives you a list of IDAs available in your state.


Go to the Quick Links for your state.

Habitat for Humanity

Amazing group that can help with building you a new home or help rebuild your current home.

Veterans Affairs

Special Adapted Housing Program: Information for housing grants for disabled Veterans.

Disability Accommodation Cost Guides

Home Modification — Funding Sources

Guide To Keeping Your Home for the Newly Disabled

Fire Safety and Disabilities Guide

Title VIII: Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

Read more about Housing Choice Vouchers, the federal government’s program for assisting ver low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to afford decent, safe and sanitary housing.

Fair and Affordable Housing Resources

Tips for Renting



Assistive Technology Links

Assistive Technology Industry Association – Alliance Partners –

Leaders in the assistive technology industry, find more information on non-profit and disability-related organizations that can help in all aspects of assistive technology

Communications Devices for the Deaf

Want to be able to communicate with your co-workers and others without needing an interpreter?


NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) is a free “screen reader” which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers.

Assistive Technology For DisABLEd Students

Assistive Technology FAQs

Disability Resources – Misc.

Need Help Paying Bills? Resources for your area!

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Food stamp assistance has a new name: “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” (SNAP) You can scroll down through this list and get your state information.

Protection and Advocacy (P/A) Program

Protection & Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security.

The scope for PABSS legal advice does not extend beyond disability-related employment issues.

Earned Income Tax Credit (summary)

Earned Income Tax Credit (eligibility)

Miscellaneous Disability Resources

Multiple disability resources of every kind. You’ll have to do a little searching to find what you want.

JAN – Job Accommodation Network

Information about job accommodations, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), related legislation and more!

American Association on Health and Disability

Local Doctor Finder: Search by Disability

Emergency Preparedness For Those With Disabilities

Retirement Planning for Veterans


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