Our Programs

Our Programs

PASS Plan along with your Ticket to Work can provide you this opportunity!

Use SSA programs to improve your chances of success — the Ticket to Work program and PASS Plan can make it possible.

You may be eligible for both an SSDI and an SSI disability check.

Find out (who we are!)

Imagine reducing your expenses for college and getting help to reach your self-sustaining goals using the Ticket To Work and Social Security PASS plan!!!

Do you have an educational scholarship? Maybe a special scholarship for disABLEd persons?

Do you have extra education expenses that are not paid for? Consider a PASS Plan.

Use the Ticket to Work program, SSA disability benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Workforce (WIA programs), and PELL Grants all together.

If you have trouble finding the information you need, contact us and we’ll help you find more specific information that fits your particular situation.

A Pass Plan can be used by SSI disability or SSDI disability recipients.

(Resources, current living expenses, and spousal income can affect your eligibility.)

Give us some information about you, and we’ll show you how to make your dreams a reality!

Ticket to Work

Jobs for the disABLEd are out there and you can show employers that a having a disability does not mean you are unable to work.

Get out of the box that people put us in and show them what is possible.

Protect your medical coverage even after returning to work!

If you receive Social Security Disability benefits you may be eligible for a PASS to help pay for work expenses.

Use the Ticket to Work program to find a job today!


A PASS Plan can make college or vocational training a possibility for you!

Truck Driver training? You bet!

Become a Nurse? Yes!

Medical Billing and Coding training? Absolutely!

Let’s talk about your special situation, and find what is the right path for you.

The PASS plan is a great program that can get you back on the path to success, the right way!

How do I get started?

If any of the ideas above intrigue you, let’s talk!

Together we can look at your ideas and goals; dream and see the possibilities!

Start the next phase of your life! Find a job, go to school, or start your own small business!

You do not want to miss what is available on our “Disabilities Resources” page.

How Our Programs Can Help SSDI and SSI Recipients – Click here


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