Pass Plan

PASS (Plan For Achieving Self-Support)

What is the PASS Plan and how it can help YOU

Plan For Achieving Self-Support
Your PASS Plan is designed to help you work your way off your disability benefits.

It does not mean you will lose assistance immediately or that if your disability check stops, you won’t be able to get back on your benefits.

When you start your PASS Plan, the first question will be; what is your goal?

Getting an education is the first step to reaching your goal, it cannot be the goal itself.

You have to research job titles, such as CPA, Auto Mechanic, Biological Engineer, etc. The education listed in your PASS has to be the minimum required to obtain a job in that field.

Try checking out, this is an occupational handbook to help you know what the requirements are for the job you are interested in obtaining.

As you scroll through you will see tasks required by the job, educational requirements, and estimated salaries. Maybe you’ll find out that you can do the job without spending thousands in tuition. Remember, the PASS can assist you, but you MAY still need to have student loans.

Have you already done a college scholarship search and looked for different ways to get college financial aid? Already know about financial aid such as FAFSA, Pell grants or Student Loans and still need more help??

A PASS Plan is a great way to get college financial aid to complete your dream of obtaining a job!  You can have a PASS Plan in addition to other college aid; disabled student scholarships, Pell Grant, assistance from Vocational Rehabilitation Services, GI Bill, and others.

Your PASS Plan pays for more than tuition and books. Most disability scholarships do not pay for every expense that occurs when you are going to school. Does your scholarship pay for the computer and supplies you may need? Does your scholarship pay your transportation costs? Will your scholarship pay for meals when you are attending full-time? Does your scholarship pay for childcare while you’re in school? Are there other items that you have not considered that could be paid for by your PASS Plan? It’s not often that we can say our disabilities are a blessing, but a PASS Plan from SSA can give you a chance to be on a more level playing field with non-disabled students!

DisABLEd Workers can assist you with realizing your employment goals!

Once you are a client we will send you a PASS Plan form along with detailed instructions, tips, and pointers on how to complete the application.

Second, we will provide you with contact information for a local PASS Plan expert to assist you with any PASS Plan questions you might have.

Last, you will take your completed PASS plan to your local SSA office for approval.

Let us help you get started on your path to self-sufficiency!

We do ask you to give us some basic information about yourself and your particular situation so we can best assist you with a PASS Plan.

Apply, and we will start working together towards your goals! We wish you Good Luck on the next phase of your life!

Also make sure you check out our Disability Resources page and scroll down to” Disability Resources for School” for further information to help you with school.

For further information and forms please Apply or if you are a client Contact Us!


What does PASS stand for?

Plan to Achieve Self-Support or Plan For Achieving Self-Support. This means once you complete an approved plan, you are agreeing that you will be able to find gainful employment and will no longer need your disability check.

What is a PASS Plan for?

A PASS Plan would allow you to set aside income other than your SSI and/or resources for a time so that you can have financial help to meet your work goal. For example, if you receive SSDI, wages, or other income, you could set aside that money to pay for your expenses for education as long as the expenses are related to you achieving your work goal. It can also be used for transportation, short term training, purchasing a computer, or starting a business.

Do I have to work while on a PASS Plan?

It depends on the type of benefits you are receiving. If you are on SSDI benefits SSA would not require you to work, however, if your benefits are SSI then you would need to work at least PT.


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