Whether you’ve recently been injured or have always had a disability, it can be difficult to find and keep a job for an extended period of time. Luckily, the Social Security Administration (SSA) was founded to provide support to people with disabilities and help them achieve all they set out to accomplish. The SSA has no shortage of support systems—including the Social Security Ticket to Work program and supplemental security income services— that are designed to assist those dealing with disabilities. People who participate in the SSA’s Ticket to Work program can obtain a variety of services and support from either public or private organizations. These organizations are known as Employment Networks (EN). Whether you’re in the early phases of searching for a career or want to learn about additional benefits, an Employment Network can be a  valuable resource that can help you reach your professional goals. Continue reading to learn more about Employment Networks and how they could potentially benefit you.

What Is an Employment Network?

An employment network is a provider of services that is paid by the SSA to administer support for working disabled people. Individuals, employers, or public organizations can all serve as ENs, as long as they’re legitimately partnered with the SSA and providing the necessary services to those in need. People who are participating in the Ticket to Work program can connect with ENs who can provide compensation and assistance to beneficiaries as they achieve work-related milestones. The ultimate goal of partnering with an employment network is to move you towards self-supporting employment.

Why Should I Connect with an Employment Network?

Employment networks can offer you an incredible amount of support when it comes to pursuing your professional goals. If you’re currently looking for a job, your EN can provide insightful career counseling and help you find a job that represents a good fit for you. They’ll even provide ongoing support once you’ve started working and make sure that you’re receiving the support you need to thrive in your new position. Working with an experienced EN that has your best interests in mind will ensure you’re able to work as efficiently as anyone else as well as achieve professional growth in the workplace.

How Do I Enroll?

Employment networks all vary in terms of the services and support they offer. This makes it necessary for you to do plenty of research on different EN’s before deciding which one you’ll connect with. Individuals who are already receiving Social Security Disability benefits and are participating in the Ticket to Work program are eligible to receive assistance from an employment network. Know that ENs aren’t required to accept all applicants and are free to establish participant limits and geographic boundaries as they see fit.

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Can I Change my Employment Network?

If you’re not satisfied with the services provided to you by your employment network, you’re free to change ENs whenever you want. It simply requires you to fill out some paperwork and let your current EN know that you’d like to unassign your ticket with them. In order to avoid constantly changing ENs, contact and learn from multiple employment networks before you register with one. Taking the time to find the best EN in your local area is surely worth it in the long run.

DisABLEd Workers is an SSA approved employment network. Contact DisABLEd Workers at 877-291-9806 to learn more or to sign your ticket.

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