If you’ve recently been injured in an accident or you’ve become disabled in a way that you’re unable to work, you’re entitled to file for a Social Security Disability claim. It’s likely that you’ve never gone through the process before, so the first time doing so may seem a little intimidating. In order to take advantage of programs like the Ticket to Work Program, the Social Security Administration may assist you in making a claim, but you could probably use some outside help. Here are some reasons you may want to hire a disability advocate to assist you with your claim.

Filing a Claim

The application process for a disability claim is a complicated one that you don’t want to leave to chance. A disability advocate (or disability attorney) is very familiar with the process, so they can ensure that the application is filled out correctly. By filing the initial claim accurately, they can help maximize your claim while minimizing the wait time. A skilled attorney will also know what to expect from the SSA, so they’ll be sure that all the necessary documentation is clear and up-to-date, making it less likely that your claim with either be denied or delayed.

Preparing for Appeals

Unfortunately, most claims are initially denied. This can be frustrating and worrisome — especially for those who lack representation, as the appeals process often cannot be avoided if you’re going to receive the disability benefits to which you are entitled. If you’re unable to work or wish to enroll in the Social Security Administration Ticket to Work Program, you may have to go through several appeals before being approved for disability benefits. An advocate is prepared for this eventuality. Having an experienced attorney working with you throughout the appeals process can mean the difference between approval and denial.

Assembling Evidence

For the approval of your claim to occur, you may need to present evidence to the SSA. Depending on your disability, you might have to get medical records from several doctors and hospitals, and you might even require witnesses at your hearing. Managing all of these different factors would be difficult for anyone but may be especially hard on someone who has recently become disabled. An advocate can communicate with all of the different doctors and witnesses for you and will know how to best make a convincing case for you to receive benefits.

Representation at the Hearing

If a hearing becomes necessary, you shouldn’t have to represent yourself. Your advocate will be there when you go before a judge, and they can prepare you for the kinds of questions you’ll have to answer. Furthermore, your advocate will know all the relevant information, enabling them to ask you the most pertinent questions at the hearing so that your testimony is as persuasive as possible. Should a vocational or medical expert be helpful at the hearing, your advocate will know how to cross-examine them so that your case appears in the best light. A disability attorney has years of experience and training at their disposal to put you in the best possible position for success.

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