If you have any kind of disability that makes working difficult, then you should understand the benefits of certain programs such as the Ticket to Work program disability benefits. Disability benefits help you to cover your living expenses and can help you to find a job that works for you and your specific disabilities if you are able to work in any capacity. These benefits can be essential to your life. It is important to know the factors that can increase or decrease your benefits throughout the years.

Marital Status

While marital status can have an affect on your Supplemental Security Income (SSI), it does not have an affect on your Social Security Disabiity Insurance (SSDI) benefits. When you are receiving SSI benefits and you get married, your financial status will be reviewed, and your benefits may change depending on the ability of your spouse to work and their income. Of course, this is just a conditional change that may or may not ever affect you and your benefits.

Employment Income

Another thing that can impact your disability benefits is your employment status and the income you earn through work. With the Ticket to Work program, you can find employment that will fit your abilities to work. Thus, you will be able to earn money for your living expenses on your own. When you are earning income from employment, your SSI benefits will decrease, but you will be earning your own money to cover the difference without a problem. Those that receive SSDI benefits have a period of time in which you can work and earn income without your benefits being impacted.

Budget Cuts

Now, there are factors that impact all disability benefits across the board. One such factor would be from budget cuts within the program. Budget cuts can lead to closing offices and slower response times to benefit applications. Long backlogs of applicants can form, and benefits can be difficult to attain for those that need it.

Financial Climate

The overall financial climate of the country is a large factor in increasing or decreasing disability benefits. The economic standing of the country can lead to large budget cuts or increased funding. If you keep an eye on the financial trends of the country, you will be able to have a good idea of the future of your benefits. That being said, financial trends can also impact the final factor that impacts disability benefits, and that will be a more determinate factor in your benefit payouts.

The Volume of People Receiving Benefits

The last thing that impacts disability benefits is the number of people applying for and receiving those benefits. Sadly, the budget simply cannot handle high volumes of payouts, all at the same rate you may be used to. In economic depressions, applicants increase and will decrease once again when the economy begins to recover. This is also why eligibility for the program is so strict.
So, are benefits decreasing currently? With all of these factors taken into consideration, the overall outlook on disability benefits is that they may run into financial shortcomings for a short time in the future. This is mostly due to an increase in applications since so many people losing their jobs due to external factors. That being said, the economy tends to rise and fall over time regularly, and there is a strong hope that this impact will be short-lived. Your SSDI and Ticket to Work benefits should not be impacted for too long. For more information, visit DisABLEd Workers online at www.disabledworkersusa.com.

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