In the initial months of 2017, I accepted a position in the Customer Service Department of DisABLEd Workers, where I developed an understanding of the core needs of our clients. Time spent in the department responsible for initial contact with our clients endured me to the principles DisABLEd Workers is founded on, which gave me the enthusiasm to move to the Payments Department. DisABLEd Workers can be a source of substantial shift and prospect in people’s lives, and it’s outcomes as beneficial as those that have made my time with DisABLEd Workers the most professionally rewarding experience I have ever had.
My life is colored by my time spent in school when outside of working at DisABLEd Workers.

I’m building my life around concepts of public service, and personal enrichment has given me the substance in which public service is the predominate expression of a life well lived.

Disabled Workers is now A Path To Success

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