Hi, my name is Judy and I am a senior citizen who loves to work and stay active. I have been at DWLLC since April 2011 working in the payment department. I process all incoming faxes of pay stubs and related papers from Social Security, my e-mails and voice messages. I file for incentive payments and call you to let you know that Steve is sending your bonus funds to you! We stay in contact with clients and keep them updated on their status on the Trial Work Period; Grace Months and any other issues that we feel you need to be advised of.

I really enjoy working here because Steve truly believes in helping the disabled community and has developed his business to reflect this. He really cares for people and is here to assist you with achieving your goals of becoming self-sufficient and yet protecting your interests at the same time. It is a great pleasure for me to be of assistance to the clients that we work with.

I have had the privilege of having traveled, lived and worked in five different states in this wonderful country of ours. I have met, lived by, worked with and socialized with a lot of very interesting people and had the opportunity to have worked at Mayo Clinic, worked in real estate and was also a realtor. I worked in the purchasing department in various capacities, worked for a credit union and I have also worked for a major mortgage company again in various capacities.

My favorite pastimes are reading, getting together with family and friends. I love to travel and see all of God’s creations. I enjoy music, swimming, water skiing, fishing, hunting and just having fun and relaxing. We have two sons and two granddaughters, one of which will be getting married this summer.

I look forward to assisting you with reaching your goals.


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