Hello! My name is Nyeisha. I started working for DisAbled Workers in July 2015. I started off as a part-time CSR and within a few short months had the opportunity to advance to a full-time Payments Assistant. I love working at DisAbled Workers! I have the opportunity to work with some professional, helpful, fun, caring people who makes work not even feel like work at all. Everyone here is so supportive and encouraging and is willing to help you not only feel knowledgeable at what you’re doing, but also confident in being able to assist our clients to the best of our abilities. At DisAbled Workers we are a family and we are all working towards the same goal-educating our clients about the Ticket To Work Program in order to assist and motivate them to become successfully self sufficient. I tell people all the time, this is the first placed I’ve ever worked at where no matter how I feel or my attitude is in the morning I leave with a smile on my face and can’t wait until the next work day-that’s an amazing feeling!

My background consists of a degree in Business Management/Administration, a dual license in Esthetics and Cosmetology, and before working here I was pursing a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Despite the change of pace from working in the health and beauty industry and my passion for fashion, I ultimately love helping people and I get to do that daily working here! Working here has not only humbled me from working with so many people from different walks of life who face difficulties and challenges trying to better themselves and get back working or pursing their educational dreams but has also opened my eyes to the tremendous needs of the disabled community and motivates me to want to learn and do more. I find it very rewarding when you can talk to someone who is a complete stranger and they openly express their gratitude and appreciation for what we do and the Ticket to Work program-some have said we are life savers or life changers, but for me I feel like I am fulfilling my purpose and helping people as I would want someone to do for me if I were in their shoes, after all isn’t that what life is about helping each other.

When I am not working to help people here I work part-time as a Beauty Advisor. In my free time I enjoy relaxing, watching movies, crafting, studying fashion trends, traveling, shopping, and spending time with my friends and family, especially my son. My son is my pride and joy! He was born with a kidney condition so from this I know firsthand how difficult it can be dealing with disabilities and the strength and compassion it takes to encourage someone who may not feel they are “normal”. I draw my daily inspiration from my son and the strides he make dealing with his condition; this is what keeps me going even on my worst days.

I look forward to being able to learn more and grow with the company so that I am able to better assist and encourage our clients!

Disabled Workers is now A Path To Success

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