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CEO 2002-2017


I feel it is important for you to know that I have been through a lot of the same things that you have. After years of searching and learning through experience and education, I have found some ways to help you with the forms and other obstacles that may be hindering you from getting on with your life.

In late 1995, I was rear-ended by a man going 100 miles/hour while I was making a left-hand turn. I had a three-inch segment of my skull shattered into my brain, my spinal cord torn at T12, and half the bones in my body were broken. I was in the hospital for three and a half months and it took many more months to recover emotionally. The head injury should have scared me, as I couldn’t even add 2 + 2, I didn’t know what the opposite of “Stop” was and I had no memory.

I didn’t know I should be scared. All I had was a loving family there with me every day. I hope you have been as fortunate as I have.

Even with this Blessing it took many years for me to work my way back both emotionally and physically to where I thought I could do something productive. I found out that I could with help from my State Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and I went out and tried! Give it a try you can do it too!

Now I’m trying to help others through what I’ve learned from my experiences of dealing with all the different agencies. I had no idea of the opportunities and programs that are available. Nor, did I know the pitfalls. I am grateful to all those who helped me and I am glad to share what I have learned. That is why I started my company called “disABLEd Workers”. if you notice the capitalized letters spell “ABLE”.

Through disABLEd Workers I have set up this website to help you tap into a great funding source. Hopefully, I can help you live life to your fullest possibilities. Dream and see what happens!

I have been doing benefits planning in the State of Iowa since 2001. I have had contracts with the State Vocational Rehabilitation Services, the BPAO grant though Social Security, and a contract with the Iowa WIPA project.

We are currently an approved Employment Network through Social Security and the “Ticket to Work” employment program. We have helped people get PASS Plans, IRWEs, subsidies, and all the other work incentives that are available. Everyone should have their benefits looked at even if they only want to work part time.

I have helped many find funding for school, computers, cars, and starting businesses. I want to see if there is anything that can help you! For many of the programs we offer, we don’t charge or receive compensation. We do it because we believe in them, and they have helped me, and others in my position.

If you would like to view an inspirational video Please click on the following links Generations of Faith Part 1 and Generations of Faith Part 2

Looking forward to working with you.

May God Bless All Your Endeavors!


Disabled Workers is now A Path To Success

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