Has a disability caused you to give up on finding the job you want or living on your own? If you’re one of the many people living with a disability and haven’t been able to enjoy financial independence. Don’t give up. Keep reading for a few key reasons why financial independence is important.


For people who’ve spent years depending on others, whether it’s family or a government program, nothing is as rewarding as self-reliance. When you’re self-reliant you’re in charge of your destiny. When you rely on others there are often strings attached. Either you owe someone because they’ve paid your way, or you lose at least a portion of your freedom to make your own decisions. Living with a disability doesn’t mean you can’t ever reach the point where you have no need to depend on others for help. Financial independence leads to self-reliance. It’s an opportunity to prove that you not only are able to take care of your obligations, but you can take care of yourself.

Live on Your Own

It’s not unusual for people who aren’t financially independent to live with a relative or friend. It’s expensive to rent living space on your own and nearly impossible without a job to fund rent and other living expenses. Financial independence expands your living options. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of living near a beach, or maybe you simply want to own your own small space. Don’t let a disability make you give up the dream of choosing where you live. The Social Security Ticket to Work program is designed to help people gain financial independence through a variety of job resources. Hold on to that dream of living in your own place.

Dream Big

It’s hard to dream about the future when you aren’t able to work or take care of living expenses on your own. Every person is made to dream. Some dream of traveling. Some dream about inventing a new gadget. Others dream of owning a business. Financial independence is a big part of fulfilling your dreams. For a person with a disability working from the comfort and security of their own home is a dream. No car needed and, in some cases, you can make your own hours. Participating in the Social Security Ticket to Work program, you could work at home. This program can open up opportunities for work, which can lead to either working in a dream job, or having the financial independence required to fund something you’ve dreamed of doing, like traveling the world.

If you’re ready to take action and learn how you can become financially independent, contact DisABLED Workers today and ask about the Ticket to Work program.