Social security offers a work assistance program that is designed to help those that are receiving governmental benefits for a disability, find and maintain work. The program offers a variety of services that will greatly increase a person’s chances of becoming employed. Regardless of the type of work that you would like to get into, there is a program or service that will provide the necessary support to help you achieve that goal. Here are four ways that the Ticket to Work program will increase your chances of becoming employed.

Employment Networks

Whether you have never entered the workforce or haven’t worked in a while, it can be very difficult to find a job. Even if you have the skills for a particular position, you may not know where to look or your lack of recent work experience may hinder your chances. This program features a variety of services, known as Employment Networks, that will help with whatever is needed to launch your new career. This may be vocational training, rehabilitation, job referrals, or employment assistance. The result is that you’ll be able to find the job that you desire and be prepared to take on the career of your choice.

Interview Confidence

Whether you suffer from a disability or not, interviewing for a job can be the most difficult part. In addition to being prepared to answer questions in the interview, you need to have the confidence to show that you can handle the job. This program can help you with both. There are multiple interview preparation services that will help you prepare for when you enter the room. While you still may be nervous, as many people are, you’ll have the confidence that you can go in and win the job.

Resume Support

When you apply for a job, your resume is placed with potentially hundreds or thousands of others. Many of those people have written their own resumes with little support. This program will give you an upper hand as it provides tips and tricks to ensure that your resume ends up at the top of the pile. It’s common for companies to use software to determine which resumes best fit the position by recognizing specific terms or phrases. The resume support services will help you create a resume that will show up at the top of the list and influence the company to call you in for an interview.

Educational Support

Some careers require the education provided with a college degree. This can be an expensive endeavor, as four years of college often cost thousands of dollars. To help with this cost, there are several grants that students can obtain to lessen the amount needed from a loan. Those suffering from disabilities have even more options when it comes to grants for tuition. This program can help you obtain the grants necessary to help you pay off your tuition, as well as services to help you live successfully in the college environment.

The Ticket to Work program is designed to help those receiving disability benefits find and maintain employment. Its variety of services train, assist in searching, and educate on various aspects that are essential for finding and being successful in a job. These are some of the ways that using the services provided by the program will increase your chances of getting a job that you desire. To learn more about the Ticket to Work Program and how it can help you, visit DisABLEd Workers at

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