1. Misconception #1 – Working Will Cause You to Lose Medicaid or Medicare Benefits

Certain requirements must be met to continue to earn your medical benefits. However, if you earn enough at your new job to lose your SSI coverage, Medicare coverage will remain active up to 93 months. Medicaid coverage is usually not affected. Recipients should contact their state Medicaid office to learn more about their coverage and how their income affects their benefits.

2. Misconception #2 – Participating in the Ticket to Work Program Triggers a Medical Review

Although medical reviews frequently happen to make sure recipients still qualify for benefits, participating in the Ticket to Work program won’t automatically subject your case to a medical review. As long as you maintain progress on your work plan, your medical condition will not be subject to review.

3. Misconception #3 – You’ll Have to Reapply for the Ticket to Work Program If You Stop Working Because of Your Disability

If you participated in the Ticket to Work Program, you don’t have to go through the lengthy application process again as long as your benefits didn’t end more than five years ago. As long as your medical condition is the same, you qualify for Expedited Reinstatement and may be eligible for up to 6 months of temporary cash benefits while your case is under review.

Major Misconceptions about Disability Benefits and Ticket to Work

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