If you or someone you care about has recently become disabled, then you’ll know what a challenge it is to find steady work that serves as a reliable source of income. We need to work to live and thrive, and it also gives us a chance to contribute to society. There’s no reason that should be taken away from you because of circumstances that are out of your control. That’s why the Social Security Ticket to Work program and other similar programs exist. They provide the means to help people in a variety of situations transition back to the workforce. They can help you get back to work if you’re eligible, and they can also help you set up a PASS plan to help get you back to work if you need more training or education.

What It Is

If you are receiving disability benefits, you might be eligible for PASS (Plan to Achieve Self-Support). It is a program that you can use if you’re pursuing a work goal. This plan helps you set aside money and items that can help you achieve that goal so that you can make more money to support yourself. The goal is to help you find employment in your chosen career field so that eventually you won’t need a disability check because you can support yourself through earnings.

What It Covers

The PASS program doesn’t just hand out money to anyone that may qualify. Instead, it helps you meet specific needs that would help you get a job. For instance, if you need training for a new career or to learn new ways to do your job after becoming disabled, a PASS plan might help with that. You might have school expenses as you’re studying, or you might need transportation or various types of equipment or tools that PASS might also cover. It also lets you set aside money for items that will help you do your job better, like a wheelchair or computer. It’s up to you to find out how much all of these things will cost, and this research will help you when it comes time to actually apply.

Person Filling Out Forms

How to Get a PASS

To be eligible for a PASS, you first need to be eligible for an SSI. This is based largely on your income and other savings and resources that you have. Employment Networks with the Ticket to Work program can help you apply for the PASS plan, as can other advocacy groups. They can help you outline your specific goals and figure out what you need to make them happen. If you want to be self-employed, you’ll need to include a business plan with your request. With all of this information, Ticket to Work can help you fill out your request form, which you can bring or mail to a Social Security office.

A Social Security expert, or PASS Cadre, reviews the proposal to decide if the request is reasonable and needed. If he has any questions or needs clarification, he might contact you for more information. For instance, he might ask you about some of your proposed business expenses, especially if they’re uncommon. Experts usually only approve plans where requested items are reasonably priced. He might suggest changes to the plan so that you can make the best case possible. At the end of all this, he has the choice to approve or reject the plan. If your plan is rejected, though, you can always appeal the decision. If you want to get back to the workforce and want to learn more about the PASS plan, contact DisABLEd Workers today.

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