The Ticket to Work program is designed to help those with disabilities find employment. Sometimes, it requires a college degree to enter your desired field. There are a variety of costs that may result in college costing thousands of dollars to attend each year. While there are several financial aid options, not all of these will cover what you need. The PASS Plan, Plan to Achieve Self-Support, was designed to assist those with a disability wishing to attend college but are unable to afford the necessary expenses. Here is some information you need to know for when you enter the Ticket to Work program for college.

Add to Financial Aid

Given the cost of college, students are offered a variety of financial aid options to help pay for their various expenses. Those with disabilities have even more options available to acquire the necessary funds. The more financial aid you can obtain, the less you may need to acquire through loans, helping your financial situation after you graduate. A common concern is that acquiring the PASS Plan may disqualify a student from acquiring aid from other sources, such as disabled student scholarships, Pell Grants, and the GI Bill. Rather than replacing these sources, the PASS Plan can be acquired in addition to them, helping you pay for more of your college expenses.

Pays for More Than Books and Tuition

Financial aid is a great assistance to students all over the country as it allows them to pay off their tuition and books, which can cost thousands of dollars throughout a college career. The problem with some of these sources of aid is that they are solely able to be used for tuition and books. However, there are a variety of other expenses you’ll have in school, such as supplies, transportation, and meals. The PASS Plan allows you to use the money acquired for whatever you might need to complete your schooling. You’ll be able to avoid paying for these necessary items out of pocket, avoiding going into deeper debt.

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Applying for the PASS Plan

While you might have decided that the PASS Plan is the right option to help you pay for your college expenses, you may have questions about how to apply for aid. Once you join the Ticket to Work program, you will be supplied with details on how to complete your application and receive the aid. These step-by-step instructions and tips will ensure that you don’t make any mistakes during the application process that could potentially delay the arrival of financial support.

PASS Plan Expert

The PASS Plan may seem quite complicated, especially when you first join. In addition to the application process, you may have questions about how the finances will be obtained to pay for your college expenses or in what ways you can use the money. When you register for the PASS Plan, you will be provided with an expert that will be equipped to answer all your questions. Given their expertise on the program, they can also provide advice on how best to use the program to pay for your necessary college expenses.

Attending college requires a variety of expenses that can reach into the thousands of dollars, leaving you with long-lasting loan payments. Financial aid allows you to lower the amount you need to obtain through a loan, making college much more affordable. Using the Ticket to Work program for college expenses will help to pay off more of your college expenses.

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