It’s so important to take care of yourself. Mental health matters, especially in today’s day and age when there are so many conversations being had in regard to self-care. This most certainly extends to your search for employment with a Ticket to Work. During this sometimes difficult point in your life, it’s essential that you try to take care of your mental, physical and emotional health. By lowering your stress and anxiety and increasing your happiness, you just may find that career success you’ve been looking for! Here are some fantastic tips you should remember when it comes to taking care of your health during your job search.

Get the Right Amount of Sleep

One of the most vital aspects of self-care is sleep! Whether you believe in the concept of “sleep when you’re dead,” or you enjoy sleeping in until 12, it’s key that you monitor your sleep and get enough of it! Self-care is all about making your personal needs a priority, and when you’re applying for jobs and going for interviews, it’s beneficial to be well-rested. The majority of people who have experience with Ticket to Work would highly recommend getting enough sleep. By sleeping well enough and carving out enough time for adequate sleep, you will be setting yourself up for more personal and professional progress. After all, sleep is a big part of both physical and mental health, so finding a balance between too little sleep and too much is ideal. Remember that everyone may have slightly different sleep needs, and your doctor can help you figure out the best sleep routine for you. Having a pattern certainly helps and turning off electronics and lights at least half an hour before bed can make a big difference, too! If you set an alarm to help you wake up at a certain time, you’ll feel more rested with the right amount of sleep. If you end up waking up on your own just before your alarm, then you’ll know you are sleeping enough. With such healthy habits, you’ll be ready for whatever work comes your way!

Use Meditation to Relax and Unwind

When you’re looking for a job through the Ticket to Work program, you may feel some stress, disappointment and exhaustion. These emotions are normal, but you have to keep them in check and remember to feel proud of yourself for doing the best you can. Meditation can support such self-reflection. This practice allows you to take a time out from the stresses of your job search or anything else going on in your life. You will need to focus solely on remaining calm, and hopefully you’ll discover that this mental break is just what you need to improve your focus. There are simple meditation exercises you can try in the comfort of your own home. Find a place to sit and close your eyes while concentrating on your breathing. Slow and deep breaths are key, and if you can focus on your breathing rather than your to-do lists or your job hunt with the Ticket to Work program, you’ll feel much better overall.

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Eat Well for Energy

Sure, some people add the #selfcare hashtag to their Instagram photos of delicious, drool-worthy meals. While it’s okay to treat yourself to a milkshake or fries when you really want them, you shouldn’t be eating excessively on a regular basis. Believe it or not, eating well can help you take better care of your health while you search for your next job. By making healthy choices with respect to your dining habits, you can set yourself up for employment success. Particularly if you have a disability that impacts your nutritional needs, it’s a good plan to talk to your doctor about foods that can increase your energy levels and nourish your health.

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