The Ticket to Work program is designed to help those who are disabled to return to work in whatever capacity they are able. For many people with disabilities, work-from-home jobs are the most viable options for earning an income. With these jobs, you can work in an environment that is better suited to accommodate your disability, and you don’t have to worry about transportation issues. If you’re looking for work-at-home opportunities you can utilize through the Ticket to Work program, keep reading to learn what industries are expanding their job offerings in the work-from-home sector.


If you have a head for numbers, you could consider a job in the accounting field—and you could be doing that job from home. Many accounting firms rely on cloud-based technology to receive and work on clients’ tax returns and business’s books. This makes it an excellent industry for those who want to work from home, as the data is already available remotely.

Of course, you will likely require specialized training or education for these jobs; the exact education you need will depend on what job you’re looking for. For example, tax preparers can often work from home after going through a few hours of remote training. On the other end of the spectrum, if you hope to be a CPA, you’ll need to receive a master’s degree in accounting and take the necessary tests to get your certification. There are several jobs that fall in between these extremes in the accounting field, so do some research and find out what works best for you!

It’s also important to be aware that this industry (depending on your specialization) can have some major fluctuation in how much work you have. For example, tax preparers will be very busy between January and April, while the rest of the year won’t have much work. Keep these things in mind when considering your options.


While you may not have medical training, you could still have a career in the medical field. Many medical services are going remote these days, including virtual visits with your physician. For those who didn’t go to medical school, there are still many job opportunities in this field that you can do at home. Here are a few:

  • Medical transcriptionist
  • Medical billing specialist
  • Patient communication specialist
  • Appointment scheduling

For most of these jobs, you need to have excellent communication skills over the phone, as you’ll often be communicating with both medical professionals and their patients.


The vast majority of shopping has moved to the internet these days, which means retail jobs have moved there too. If you want to work from home, you could find a position in the retail industry quite easily. From sales jobs to customer assistance, there are a number of positions available with numerous online retailers. All you have to do is search!

If you would like to learn more about the Ticket to Work program or for finding a work-at-home position, contact DisABLEd Workers for assistance. We’ll give you the information you need and help you get started in finding the right job for your needs and your skillset. Contact us today!