The rise of the internet has revolutionized modern-day working conditions. Now, employees can communicate with their companies and access necessary files anywhere there’s a connection, so some have the option to do their duties remotely. This setup can be useful for a person with disabilities.

You may be able to request this remote arrangement as a reasonable accommodation from your employer. A reasonable accommodation is any adjustment in the workplace that can help you accomplish your job. You may be able to show your employer that by allowing you to work in a more comfortable environment to do your tasks, in this case from your home, can improve productivity and efficiency. If you sign up for Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program, you can work with Employment Networks that can help you make these requests. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Considerations for a Work From Home Setup

Before you’re granted this arrangement, you should show your employers that it can benefit your ability to do your job. It must help you overcome some barriers that would be difficult to get around without working from home. Here are some factors that may qualify you for a remote setup.

You have difficulty accessing your workplace.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for people to get to their workplace. The commute may be long and challenging. For those that have their own vehicles, there may not be enough available parking spots designed for individuals with disabilities. Missing building accessibility and mobility features, such as ramps and elevators, can also be grounds for a remote arrangement.

The actual work environment makes it hard for you to do your job.

There can be some factors in the work environment that can make it difficult for you to do your tasks. Some locations expose people to substances and conditions that will aggravate their disability. For those who have impaired mental concentration, for example, there can be elements in the office that distract them and decrease their ability to focus.

The company doesn’t have the right facilities for your needs.

Some companies that you’ll find just can’t afford facilities that cater to your needs. Providing other reasonable accommodations on-site, like bathrooms for people with disabilities or desks designed for wheelchairs, would be an undue hardship. Alternatively, features such as these may already be in place in a person’s home, making it a more ideal environment.

If your home setup is better than your office in these three aspects, then this is an option you could suggest to your employer.

How to Request a Work From Home Setup

Providing this privilege is under the discretion of your employer. It’s still their call whether they’re allowing you to work from home. They’re not obliged to give you the exact reasonable accommodation that you’re asking for, especially if they can offer alternatives that can also help you do your job. If the tasks assigned to you can’t be accomplished remotely, they may not grant you this setup.

Schedule a meeting with your immediate supervisor to talk about your request. You have to disclose your condition and express your desire for a work from home setup, citing the barriers that prevent you from doing your job well.

If they grant you an opportunity to work from home, be particular about the details of the arrangement. Here a few things that you must take note of:

  • Frequency of remote work – Your setup can be completely or partially remote. You can either be allowed to work from home the whole week or be asked to go to your office on some days.
  • List of responsibilities – Determine whether the tasks for your job stay the same. Your employer may opt to change some of them and give you responsibilities that are more appropriate for remote work.
  • Supervision – Make sure that you know how you’re going to be supervised by your company. They may require you to install special apps or programs for monitoring productivity.

A remote setup and other reasonable accommodations can truly make a big difference in the way an employee performs. So, don’t hesitate to ask your company for them. Call DisABLEd Workers for more advice about Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program and how you can request reasonable accommodations.

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